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About Our Studio:

Alicia in Wonderland Photography is based in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. We have both an indoor studio and our large one-of-a-kind studio garden. Our neighborhood is easily accessible from a variety of locations with our close proximity to the freeway and to Pacific Coast Highway (usually just a 30-40 minute drive from downtown Los Angeles, LAX or north Orange County). Our neighborhood is charming and quaint, with a small town feel, and on a hill with lots of large, mature pine trees. We are just ten minutes from the ocean and close to a variety of beautiful wilderness preserves around the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

Our little cottage studio provides the peace, tranquility, and privacy that you won't find in a more public studio location (which is so helpful during maternity, newborn and breastfeeding photo sessions!). You can view a virtual tour of the studio garden here and a tour of our studio and greenhouse here.

About Me:

Thanks for visiting! I love gardening and I custom designed our large studio garden specifically for my photo sessions. I love spending time with my husband and our two little boys, especially when we are all spending time outside. Some of the things my husband and I love include decorating and remodeling our home with a modern farmhouse/modern bohemian style, shopping at antique stores, watching Fixer Upper on HGTV, spending time with our boys at Disneyland/California Adventure, good strong coffee, flavored herbal teas, and farm-to-table style fresh home-cooked meals (especially when they include fruit and veggies from our garden!). We spend a lot of our free time working on our garden and our constantly evolving list of remodeling projects on our home. We had a very difficult journey trying to have our two boys and we strongly believe that babies are life's greatest blessing.

I find the most joy in life through my boys, working in my garden, working with newborns, and spending time at Disneyland! I am addicted to old English style roses and succulents. I love propagating new plants in my little greenhouse. I love to sing and I'm pretty sure my plants enjoy it! I am a bit of an introvert but if you get me started talking about my garden, I can talk your ear off for hours! I am always happy to answer any gardening questions and even started a gardening group on Facebook (found here) for my friends and neighbors. Feel free to join us! I hope one day to know enough about gardening to become a certified Master Gardener.

I also love to shop and have a bit of an addiction with buying props! I love finding unique vintage items that will work as a newborn prop, so I like to frequent a variety of vintage and antique stores. I am a bit of a contradiction in that I love to garden but I also love a bit of sparkle, and I love shopping at luxury stores (I always appreciate quality over quantity!).

My journey as a photographer began back in high school as a photographer for a community service club. I particularly fell in love with photographing mothers and their babies at a local women's shelter. Having been told since the age of 12 that I would never be able to become a mother myself, I fell in love with photographing babies and being able to document life's most amazing miracle. While most teenagers are busy sneaking out of the house to go on dates and go to parties, I was busy sneaking my dad's professional film camera out of the house. I even won several awards in print competitions for my photography in those first few years.

My professional background involves fashion school and working in the fashion industry for several years. As a result, I love to provide wardrobe styling and wardrobe planning assistance for my clients. Every session includes fine-detailed, artistic post-processing on all of the final images. One of my favorite specialties are my newborn fantasy composite photos. My background includes extensive education and knowledge of professional retouching and photo manipulation/compositing. I have gone through extensive education about newborn photography and safety, including in-person classes and online classes. I regularly take additional online classes to stay current on industry trends and newborn safety.

For more information about our sessions and products, we have a special category on our blog with a series of blog posts with additional information: